So what is caulk anyway? There are several caulk types depending on whether you project is interior or exterior and involves concrete, gutters, moulding, roof, windows, plumbing or other uses. Learn about silicone and latex caulk and how to choose the best caulk for bathroom or kitchen use.

Most caulks are composed of latex or silicone. Many companies now make caulks that are combinations of latex and silicone. They are often marketed as “siliconized latex” or “latex plus silicone.” These products offer the ease of use of latex with the added durability of silicone.

Caulk comes in two forms: a cartridge or a squeeze tube. A cartridge and caulk gun gives a more continuous bead than a squeeze tube, which is better for small projects. Cartridges typically have 9-11 ounces of caulk versus a squeeze tube, which has 3-6 ounces.