Vinyl Siding Transformation

May 21, 2021 2 min read

Vinyl siding swatch.

What do you do when your “maintenance free” vinyl siding is looking dated and down in the dumps?

While you might be hesitant to consider painting your siding, if it’s done right, painting it will give you up to 10 years of stunning results –at a fraction of the price of new siding.

Painting your vinyl siding is a fool proof way to update your home’s exterior and enhance its curb appeal. If you have limited funds, nothing will transform a dated exterior as quickly or dramatically as paint.

When it comes to exterior building materials – Stucco, Brick, Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl siding are all surfaces that accept paint exceptionally well.

Most homeowners are motivated to paint their vinyl siding because the color has become dated. The washed out yellow or pale blue that looked great twenty years ago – would look outstanding in a more modern taupe, warm gray or tan.

Don’t live like the Hopson Family featured in the video below!

Typically, there are only three things to keep in mind when developing a color scheme for the exterior of your home – the architectural style of the house, color trends in the surrounding neighborhood, and your own personal taste and style.

While these “rules” of color selection remains true for other exterior surfaces – vinyl siding needs special consideration and this is probably why many people believe it can’t be painted.

Vinyl siding can begin to warp and lose its shape if it reaches temperatures of 65° Celsius. This can happen if vinyl siding is painted darker than its original factory color or if it is painted a color containing more light-absorbing pigments than some other paint color options. In these cases, additional light absorption can increase the temperature of the siding, which can result in warping.

You can eliminate the risk of warping by using a color from the Benjamin Moore’s new “Vinyl Select” palette. In the past, homeowners were limited to choosing colors in the exact same depth as the factory color – which isn’t much help if you’re trying to update washed-out yellow siding!

Benjamin Moore has taken the guess work out of vinyl siding color selection by developing a collection of 60 vinyl-safe colors specifically formulated for this surface. These colors have undergone rigorous field testing to ensure their safety and stability for use on vinyl siding.  So when you’re ready to get started – make sure you check out these colors first.

A stunning new color, the right products, and a weekend worth of time, are all that is needed to turn your home into the sharpest looking house on the street.

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