If you are looking for experts in the Painting Industry,

Look no further than Harrison Paint Company.

All of the following employees are certified (ACT) Architectural Coating Technologists.

The Master Painter Institute (MPI) Certification at Level 1 verifies that the individuals listed below have mastered the major principles and practices involved with architectural coatings.

MPI’s Level 1 training course teaches the essential principles and practices of commercial/architectural paints and coatings with a focus on  professionals that are directly involved in any aspect of commercial/architectural painting projects.

Topics Covered:

  • Paint technology and types
  • Concepts of color
  • Paint application
  • Best safety practices
  • Basics of specifications and standards
  • Environmental regulations and compliance

Barry Taylor

Jeff McGee

GRACO Master Repair Technician

Ricky LaCour

Mike Tubbs

Stacey McClure

James Hardy

Eric Post

GRACO Repair Technician

David Espino

Ron Stark